Early Awake

Early-Awake users will wake up sooner than expected. They will be able to spend time in special events, games and get to know each other and experience the ColonyVerse earlier than anybody else. As soon as the spacecraft lands, there is no going back to the spacecraft. It will be a one-time opportunity for the people who joined the whitelist.


New Personality for a New World. Yogis are the most recent found living creatures in the universe . For the moment, there is no solution for their kinds to survive without a astronaut suit. Because their planet (Yogiio) was destroyed, they are looking for a their new home in the space.

Play 2 Earn Games


In the open world, There will be zones that an astroid can fall. Yogis can come and harvest the astroid to collect some materials to craft items they want. One astroid can be harvested by only one yogi.


Maze Hunt is a mini game. All yogis that participate in this game will be placed in a maze. There will be hidden NFT’s all around the maze. Yogis cannot steal NFT’s from each other. Before the countdown ends, If a yogi can bring the NFT to the safe zone, it will win the NFT.


Capsule Capture is a mini game. All yogis that participate in this game will be placed randomly on a map. There will be a timer and all yogis are going to search for capsules during this period. When the capsule is found, yogi has to take the capsule back to the safe zone before someone steals it from it. When the coundown ends, yogi will earn that capsule and will be able to open it using a key.


Social Area

Social areas are fort he users that woke up earlier than expected to get to know each other and have some resting time together. In social areas, there will be small events to keep every guest in their good mood and have fun as a part of ColonyVerse. NFT Exhibition & Free Collabration With Other Projects Spacecraft will have NFT galleries that will display the indie artists works to the community. Every week, all NFTs will be replaced with new ones.


C-Suits are for users who wants a perminant apartment in the ColonyVerse. It can be bought using v-CLNY. User can design their own apartment in their own taste.


Domes are limited more luxurious buildings. ColonyVerse has limited supply of domes. Every user who has a desire to own a dome, they have to be quick. Social


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